OceanWP WordPress Theme Review —Beginning to Start

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You have a small business, and you want to explore it on an online platform. So what does it take to do that? You must have a website. Through which you can let people know about your brand or service. But now people are giving more priority to time. Traditionally, they do not want to waste a single day. The main requirement is, everyone wants to develop a beautiful webpage in a short moment.

Focuses on this demand, WordPress is giving people an advantage that saves people hour and labor. But you are afraid because you do not have to decide which WP themes will be relevant to you. The reason is that you are getting confused by the opinions of different developers. Some say this is good, and some say it’s another.

Here we are to help you to make a proper decision. In this review, I will demonstrate the Ocean wp theme free, which I have been using for a long season.

Why Choose OceanWP:
I used it experimentally, and I have benefited a lot with luck. That’s why It has forced me to run for a long year. It seemed to me that I had found the right thing. Oceans has some great functionality that made me write about it. I went to find out more in-depth about it to Woredpress.org. And I was astonished. A large number of people are using it for their own.

According to the statistics, there are already 6,00,000+ active downloads and also have 4000+ five star reviews. I think these stats are little enough to make it reliable in general. And whenever I look at the 2020 download graph, I was speechless. More than 2000 people are downloading per day, and sometimes it becomes 6000+

In the early stages, I choose it after seeing this information. No doubt it’s a great theme. After that, I have figured out a few important reasons that will help you settle your mind.

You may think about why I am talking about its pricing first. Because whenever you find any template from anywhere, you always try for free use. When you see it has been according to your needs, then you plan to take its next full feature. I had the same target as you. Then I found out that it can be download for free, which was such an inspiring object for me.

I used it for free for a while. But I was much serious about my WordPress site. Finally, I upgraded to the pro version. Then I got more material to personalize. Though In terms of price, there is not much difference between Free and Pro. But until now, it did not disappoint me.

So let’s drive into its Premium price list:
For Personal use 31$ (1 site)
For Business use 63$ (3 sites)
For Agency use 103$ (25 sites)

Demo Version:
The demo version of OceanWp has a lot of functionality. Woocomerce integration is outstanding directly into any eCommerce site. It has built with a shopping cart popup and also has a floating bar. With its quick-view-mode, even customers can view products without leaving the page.

A common problem for any non-designer is that they do not have to customize the original design of the themes. Thanks to Ocean, it has made it as easy as changing colors and fonts. Although WordPress does not allow to change the whole structure. But I think it can’t be an issue.

On the other hand, you will be able to appoint any professional WordPress layout into your site by using its demo system. You can use it according to your needs, such as a blog, portfolio, shop-store, grocery-store. However, their specialty is for online stores and corporate businesses.

Plugin and Extensions:
There are 20 core extensions and seven free extensions. After all, all free plugins will only be able to be downloaded from your admin panel. Oceans free extension list is here:
Stick Anything: A simple plugin allows you to stick specific elements to your page. So you can use it for your logos, form, and more.
Modal Window: By using it, you can add content and display the button wherever you want to place them.
Post Sliders: Mostly uses for a beautiful blog post. And you have full authority above image thumbnail and number of slides.
Custom Sidebar: You may need an unlimited number of sidebars. You can use it as you are going to manage sidebars directly from the theme panel.
Product Sharing: A huge benefit you will get when a Woocommerce user notices the social media sharing button under your product.
Social Sharing: Underneath your blog post, this button is mandatory for your users. It supports all of the famous social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, and Pinterest.
Ocean Extra: This plugin is useful for importing demos, theme panels, and many more. As your requirement, you can play with this.

Premium Extension:
Finally, decided to buy a pro extension bundle considering OceanWp? That’s a pretty wise decision. Without wasting a word, let’s look into more detail.
Full Screen: To show your content more colorful and adjusting the speed and navigation, it will help you. In these cases, you need to activate Elementor.
Cookie Notice: Visitors will get a notice that you are using cookies to comply with EU cookie law (GDPR).
Popup login: It will show in front of the audience for requesting a login, creating an account, and password reset.

White Label: You have to take care of this, Which lets you replace your branding.
Portfolio: Photographers also want to display their image art. So if you are interested in photography, you will need it.
Woo popup: You need to advise a customer when they already cart any product. With a simple popup message, you can easily inspire your buyers.
Sticky Header: It will allow you to keep the header fixed at the top of the page.
Sticky Footer: Same as you will be able to attach a footer to the bottom of all pages.
Ocean Hooks: There is no need for a child theme to add any custom content.
Elementor Widgets: You would be able to add many robust widgets.
Side Panel: For your preferred widgets, add a responsive side panel.

Final Statement:
In the end, I must say you go for premium plans, neither choosing a free demo. In a competitive market, you should have an ultra-modern and fully responsive webpage. And a pro plan can be your ideal solution. I hope this review has given you hands-on information. If you think it helps you, then keep hitting our next blog.

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